Will a full iPod charge last a gig?

There are no silly questions in this world – only questions you haven’t heard answered yet. It was a pleasure to help out our customer Paul with his transition from Minidisc to iPod…

 i am a solo singer, until now i have used minidisc backing tracks, i want to move forward and use ipod to mixer board. i have just found your website and it is an extremely valuable source of information, it has helped me tremendously particularly the helpful hints regarding hook up, volume settings and silent tracks for pausing etc, however, i can’t find an answer to my question, i am not familiar with ipod, i am yet to buy one, i’m not familiar with an ipods physical connection layout and i do not know how long the a fully charged ipod would last. QUESTION, “is it necessary and would it be possible to place the ipod in a charger dock with a wall plug and playback through the pa at the same time thus ensuring that the ipod power will not drain during a performance”. thanks,

Hi Paul

Yes, you could sit the iPod in a docking station which would certainly keep it charged up at all times. Then a cable from the docking station to your PA would carry the music signal.

Similarly, you could plug a simple iPod mains charger in to the bottom of the iPod too and that would do the same thing. In other words, the mains power connects to the large connector at the bottom of the iPod and the music goes to your PA via a stereo cable from the iPods headphone socket…

iPods have a pretty good battery life so you should get more than enough battery power from it to easily do a full gig. It’s video that really drains their battery life, audio is much less.

However it would be a brave man who attempted to perform live at a gig relying purely on battery power alone to get him through his full gig.

You see the rechargeable battery in the iPod won’t last forever so the 5 or 6 hour battery life you get when you first buy your new iPod will drop to 2 or 3 hours battery life as the iPod gets older and the battery gets older.

I strongly recommend you always work from an iPod which is connected to mains power at all times, just to be on the safe side…