Changing the tone of your voice

If I may avail of your knowledge please. Over here in Northern Ireland my wife has been approached to try a Kylie tribute. She has the attributes to pull it off but her vocal is a lot more wholesome than Kylies high pitched synthesised voice. Is there a vocal processor or some sort of professional add on that I could add to my PA. Cheers

Hi Gary

It’s not easy to change the natural sound of the human voice – in fact trying to change the way your natural voice sounds by singing in a different way could do irreparable damage to your vocal chords. Actually I have no idea how impressionists/mimics manage to change their voices and do all those different characters. I reckon their voices must be very different to a normal persons voice. I suppose that’s why there’s very few really good impressionists around. Very few people have this unusual gift and when you think about it, there’s even less impressionists around who can actually mimic someone singing. That probably tells us something.

There are some things you can do to process and alter the way your voice sounds when it comes out of the speakers though and this is much safer than trying to change your voice in any way yourself.

In other words, you would sing as normal (so as not to damage your voice) and let the technology make the changes.

The easiest and simplest form of vocal manipulation is to alter the EQ of the microphone. For example, removing some of the bass from the microphone will often make the voice sound thinner and weedier, whereas adding bass can do the opposite and “beef up” a wispy or thin voice.

There are also a couple of hardware vocal machines you could take a look at.

The TC Helicon is a standalone hardware machine which is designed mainly for harmonies but does alter the voice in other ways too:

Also take a look at the Antares Autotune. They do a hardware version of their machine and the Antares Autotune is used on about 99.9% of all records in the charts right now: