Clicktracks explained

We all know that you can’t get blood from a stone and you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. We should also add to those phrases the one that says “You can’t get a stereo signal from a mono signal”

Hi team, 
Drummer left channel (click) with right channel; backing track. Q? How can I get a stereo feed from the right channel (Bk trk) in to the mixer. Previous set-up was with an MD player; L channel to mini mixer and R channel to one channel on the desk. Used a DI box with this set-up. Worked well. Want to use an ipod now. Any suggestions for this set-up. 
Many thanks

Hi Mark

Stereo consists of two independent channels – left and right. So, with any stereo piece of music there are only two audio sources – the left side and the right side.

In other words, stereo consists of a left mono signal and a right mono signal.

You can’t have a click track on the left and also stereo music on the right because that would require your audio file to have three channels of music on it. Stereo recordings only have two channels of music (left + right).

The only way to get 2 channels from the right is to pan whatever is on the left channel to the right and whatever is on the right channel to the right so that both your channels (L+R) are then going to the right side of the mix. However that would give you the click through your PA as well as the music and this isn’t what you want…

Good news is that if you are moving from Minidisc to iPod, you would set up everything up exactly the same as before.

The iPod, just like your Minidisc, puts out stereo left and right audio signals in exactly the same way as a Minidisc puts out stereo left and right audio signals.

So you can unplug your Minidisc and plug in your iPod and it will work exactly the same (assuming you’re using the same backing tracks and have the left and right channels going to your drummer and PA system just as before).