Yes, our tracks can be transferred on to Minidisc

A common question about buying songs from us in mp3 format and then putting them on to Minidisc…

I have been using mini disc for a lot of years. If i buy songs from you and you send them by e mail can i transfer them to my mini disc from the headphone line from my computer. Would i loose the quality of the track if i could do this. Your tracks are very good. I look forward too hearing from you 

Hi Mike

Yes, you can play the mp3’s on your computer while recording them to your minidisc recorder via the line out or headphone out.

The quality of audio out will be as good as the quality of the soundcard you have in your PC.

Fortunately many budget computers these days have reasonably good quality soundcards.

You may find my article on how to record mp3 to minidisc useful.