Bose L1 in an ‘L’ shaped room

Thanks to Peter for this question about getting sound around corners…

I have the tl1 system with 2 subs and i sing with backing tracks,although the sound is good in a square long room its not so good in a l shape room ???would it be that i have to purchase another speaker so then i could direct it round the corner ???What would i require to do this ???? 

Hi Peter

This isn’t a Bose L1 problem. This is an issue about sound and sound waves and how audiences hear sound waves.

The music that comes out of loud speakers is simply sound waves which anyone within earshot of the speakers can hear fully. But if you’re not within earshot of the speakers you won’t hear the sound fully.

Conventional speakers throw out sound waves at around 90 degrees, so any audience members who are in front of those speakers within a 90 degree radius of them will hear the full sound of the speakers.

The Bose L1 throws out sound waves at around 160 degrees, so if you use a Bose L1 then more of the audience in front of the speakers will hear the full sound of the speakers.

But the main thing to note from above is that in both scenarios, I say “the audience in front of the speakers will hear the full sound of the speakers”.

That means if the audience are NOT in front of the speakers, if they are, say, around a corner, then they won’t hear the full sound that’s coming out of the speakers, no matter what type of speakers you use.

They will hear something…but it’s more likely to be a bit of a dull thud than a proper sound because low frequency (i.e. bass) sound waves carry further than high frequency sound waves (i.e. mids and highs).

This is also why when a teenager in his car stops outside your house with the music blaring on his car stereo, all you hear is a thud, thud, thud. Inside the car, the teenager is hearing a well balanced (albeit very loud!) sound. But you are outside the car. You are not directly in front of his car stereos speakers – he is. So you only hear the bass frequencies (which travel better than the mids and highs). The cars body is blocking many of the sound waves getting to your ears, especially the mids and highs.

It’s the same when an audience are around the corner in a dog leg or L shaped room.

If you want audience members who are round the corner in an L shaped room to hear your full sound, then you need to put a speaker around the corner facing them so they can hear all the bass, mids, and highs.