Minidisc to PC via the mic socket

I wrote an article some time ago about transferring songs from a Minidisc on to a PC. That article still sparks interest today and remains one of the most widely read articles I’ve ever written…

Hi Kenny,
I think your tips emails are great! May be you know of a solution to this one. I have recently purchased a new PC windows7 and wondered if you know of any software to record MINI DISC to my PC so I can edit tweek etc on my other programs. When I plug my MD into the Mic socket it is just too rough to use. Wondered if I could use USB connection?

Hi Steve

There’s probably no reall good cheap fix for this problem so the best way to do this is to upgrade the soundcard on your PC so that it can accept rca inputs from the minidisc.

One of the more reasonably priced soundcards that can do this is the Soundblaster X-Fi card

I know that upgrading your soundcard is not exactly cheap to do, but the Soundblaster card is cheaper than many others that do similar jobs.

Also on the upside is if you do decide to bite the bullet and spend money on a card like this, then ALL your music on your PC will be much better quality and it’ll allow you to make studio quality recordings on your PC (multi-track recording, making albums etc) so I do think it’s well worth the investment…