Muting tracks in Audacity

Jeff wants to know how to mute previously recorded tracks in Audacity…

Kenny, how do record voice to a new track without the previously recorded music backing track that you have to hear , without it recording with the voice on to the new track. thanks mate. i would love to get an upgraded version of this program with more features, and good reverb and eg i have been using a Boss BR1600 Recording Studio, but compared to computor editing it is painfully slow and hard to get a good mix

Hi Jeff

This depends how you have it set up on your PC, but generally you can mute playback by opening up your computer’s volume control panel and turn on the “mute” checkbox for your playback.

Another way is to turn off  ‘Software Playthrough’ in the Audacity preferences.

Without a doubt, editing on a computer is always going to be much easier than editing on a hardware based device. But generally hardware devices like the Boss recorder you mention are very robust and reliable and produce excellent quality results so I’m not sure why the mix you are getting isn’t good on the Boss.

The great thing about Audacity is that it’s free and it’s a full version – not a lite or scaled down version. There are lots of plugins available for Audacity so it may be worth downloading and installing some. GVerb is particularly popular if you’re looking for a good reverb.  You should also take a look at some of the VST plugins too.

Another reverb that is popular is called Ambience (