Cursor problems in Audacity

This is a first – I haven’t heard of anyone having a problem with the cursor while using Audacity. My guess is that it’s probably a Windows problem than an Audacity problem though…

Dear Kenny,
Of course my problem Is uncommon rather than common. I went quite a ways back in the blog and found nothing like this. Maybe it’s a Windows 7 problem as someone suggested, but: After I’ve recorded and I want to take a little off the front and the back of the piece, my cursor barely works. I have to try and try and try and often give up leaving too long a lead in and out. Have you any ideas?
Thank you for writing these letters,

Hi Canary

Yes, if your cursor isn’t working that definitely sounds like a Windows problem.

You’ll probably find though that it’s not entirely Windows that’s the problem – it will most probably be the way Windows 7, Audacity, and your soundcard are interacting with each other.

These problems are the most difficult to troubleshoot because it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack…is it Windows 7?…is it Audacity?…is it your soundcard?…is it drivers for Windows 7, Audacity or your soundcard?…

The problem compounds when all these components work fine…they just don’t work fine together!

Try running Audacity on another PC and see what happens. If you still get the same problem then look at what’s common to both PC’s (i.e. programs running, operating system, soundcard, ram, processor type etc) and that may indicate what’s causing the problem.

If it works fine on another PC, do the opposite i.e. see what’s different on the other PC (does it have different types of programs running, different operating system, soundcard, ram, processor type etc).

This is one of those unfortunate issues which you really have to be sitting in front of the offending PC to see how it is behaving in order to properly troubleshoot it so sorry I don’t seem to be of much help here on this one!