iPod freezes during playback

This question was a most unusual one. Normally iPod’s are not prone to freezing (well, not the iPod Classics anyway). But, like all tech devices, it can happen. Troubleshooting the problem isn’t always easy…

Hi folks, I just discovered your site and found some useful info. I do a John Lennon Tribute Show, “Almost John Lennon.” I use backing tracks on an ipod. However, twice in recent days, when i plugged my ipod in to a dircet box on stage, the ipod channel made a weird drubbing sound, then when we fixed that, the ipod froze, it stopped in the middle of songs one day, the next day it froze to where i could not turn off, advance to next song, etc. The ipod is very new, works fine in my car, home docking station, and various computers. i’ve had had it stop in mid-song. I had to switch to a back-up cd. Is there something i’m doing wrong? ipod worked fine in my car after the show. Thank you so much in advance,

Hi Joe

If the iPod works perfect in your car, on your home docking station and with all your home computers, then it’s very unlikely that there is any problem with the iPod itself.

It’s more likely that there is a problem with the other stage gear your using.

But if the other stage gear you are using is ok with everything else you put through it, then perhaps the iPod just doesn’t ‘like’ the stage gear and is letting you know this by freezing and generally acting up.

There are a few areas you could look at first though….

If, when you are on stage, you are powering the iPod from its internal battery, then take another look at all the other equipment that you have the iPod connected to (like your audio cable, the DI box etc, the mixing desk).

If you are powering the iPod from a mains power adapter, then check that the adapter is functioning ok. While you’re at it, also check to make sure the adapter is a REGULATED power supply because unregulated power adapters (like the cheap ones you can buy from electronic stores like Maplin or Radio Shack) often cause all sorts of problems.

Finally, check to see if the mains electricity supply to the stage itself is fluctuating around a bit – many live music venues are notorious for having bad electrical installations and an uneven power supply wreaks havoc on sensitive electronic equipment and would certainly make a device like an iPod malfunction…