Embed lyrics in to a backing track

Here’s a question about embedding the lyrics of a song in to your backing track so that the words display as the backing track is playing…

Kenny, Do you have a way to view the lyric/chord sheet and have the backing track embedded in that sheet? 
Have a great day.

Hi Tony

You can have a text file or a MS Word document open while a backing track is playing in the background in a laptop.

If you’re using an iPod you can also get it to display the lyrics while the track is playing (see my article on this).

But for a more comprehensive system where the lyrics display automatically and move in time with the music) then you would need to implement some kind of karaoke system for displaying words.

There used to be a great program called On Stage Performer which controlled backing tracks, lyrics, and your lighting show all from the backing track itself. It ran a timeline along the playback of the backing track and you could program in all sorts of lighting bursts etc at particular parts of the track.

Sadly they went out of  business a couple of years ago and although there are other programs around that try to do similar things, none that I’ve seen so far have ALL the facilities that On StagePerformer had…