Picking a good song to sing in a competition

We produced a custom track for one of our customers which she used in a singing competition. I emailed her after the competition to ask how she did and I was delighted to discover that the backing track we produced for her and the way she sang the song got her through to the next round of regional finals. So what should she sing next…? Aha, a burning question!

Hi Kenny, 
Thank you so much for your e-mail, was so nice to receive. So…I made it through to the regional finals, its on the 27th November so not long to prepare a new song. Competeition was extremely tough yesterday, and I ended up singing the same song as someone else so that was tough, but I still made it through. Seriously need to think about my next song and need to make it something original, so once I have decided I will be in touch for you to produce the backing track if thats ok? Hmmm what to sing!?
Best Regards

Hi Christine

That’s great news, I’m really happy for you and I’m glad the arrangement we produced for you helped.

It’s always a fine balance when trying to pick a song that you hope will impress judges.

If you pick something a little bit obscure, then you know that it’s unlikely that any other contestant will be singing that same song and that’s an advantage.

But the down side to that is that many judges can be prone to favouring songs they actually recognise and like themselves, so if the judges don’t know or recognise the song your singing, it could be a disadvantage.

Conversely, if you pick a really popular song, the judges will be familiar with that song and may like it and that’s an advantage. But if it’s TOO popular, they might be fed up listening to contestants singing that song to death and mark you down for it. For example “I will always love you” and “My heart will go on” are songs that many judges are sick of listening to.

It’s a hard choice to make, there’s no doubt about that!

But if you can get the right balance between a song that is well known but unlikely to be sung by lots of others then you certainly up your chances of success.

Just always bear in mind though that the choice of song is only one part of the whole process.

It’s actually more important that you choose a song that suits your voice and vocal range and that you can perform it to maximum effect. So always make sure you are entirely comfortable singing your choice of song and love performing it because that will shine through to the judges…