Boosting the output of your mp3 player

All mp3 players have differing output volumes. Normally this isn’t a problem if you’re putting your mp3 player through a professional mixing desk. But if you’re plugging it directly in to an amplifier or mixer/amp with limited controls over the channel, you could find yourself with volume problems that are not so easy to solve…

We are busking with karaoke backing tracks on an mp3 player connected to a Roland Street Cube. We use 2 mics for the vocals. The problem is that the output volume of the backing tracks which is controlled from the Philips 4GB GoGear Vibe mp3 player is not loud enough, even though it is on max. The mic volume is fine as it is controlled from the Street Cube. My question is: is there a way to increase or boost the volume from this little mp3 player or do we need to buy a new one? I tested using an iPhone for the backing tracks and the volume was a lot higher, but can’t use the iPhone permanently. Any ideas, please? Many thanks! 

Hi Johanna

Sounds like your mp3 player just doesn’t have a very powerful earphone output and that’s why you’re finding a lack of volume. The iPhone obviously has a much better built-in earphone amp inside it so that’s probably why you’re noticing a difference.

There is a little device you can buy called a headphone amplifier which will boost the signal of your mp3 player.

It may be better though to just bite the bullet and buy an iPod. You don’t have to buy anything as expensive as an iPhone – a cheaper iPod Classic, Nano or Touch should do the job, especially if you’ve already tested it with an iPhone and it works well.