Different tracks, different bit-rates problem

Thanks to Glenn for asking this question about bitrates…

i would appreciate if you could help me.I am a solo artist. having read your excellent article on bitrates I have found in my itunes library tracks that have different bitrates from 128,156, 320. also some tracks are stereo and some joint stereo. I can alter these with audiograbber myself,but what too ?. please advise. regards glenn

Hi Glenn

If you want uniformity on all your tracks you should re-encode them all to mp3 at 128 kb/s.

Stereo is generally better than joint stereo (although in some cases a stereo file made with a poor quality mp3 encoder will sound worse than a joint stereo file made with a good quality mp3 encoder).

You mention that you have Audiograbber which I believe now uses the LAME encoder to process its mp3 files. LAME is one of the better mp3 encoders so you should be fine with that.

Convert all your tracks to mp3 stereo at 128 kb/s and you’ll find they’ll still sound as good on stage, they’ll take up less space on your player, and the smaller file sizes will mean that there’s less processing power needed to play each song thus lessening the chances of glitches and stutters during playback…