Making a medley the WRONG way

There’s really only one way to produce a backing track medley of songs – the proper and professional way. One customer, Liam, tried it the easy way and only ended up with a lot of wasted time and poor results. Don’t make the same mistake…

Many thanks for producing my medley for me Kenny, ive wanted that as a medley for so long now, I had a go at linking the 2 songs on midifile but it didnt turn out very well

Hi Liam

Yes, that’s the problem with trying to just “glue” two backing tracks together.

Not only do you get glitches where the joins are, but you also find that the two tracks usually use different instrument sounds so no matter how hard you try, it will always sound like two songs have been stuck together.

What we do though is make structural re-arrangements to the songs in the medley so it sounds like there’s one band on stage with you and their playing all the songs in the medley all the way through.

That’s really what makes a medley flow well and sound right and it’s pretty impossible to achieve if you just try to glue a couple of songs together (as you’ve discovered)!