Running programs on different Windows systems (XP, Vista, 7)

One of our customers Sean discusses programs and operating systems with us. Yip, computers are a nightmare Sean! Programs that run fine on one version of Windows won’t run properly on another version, even when they are supposed to be compatible…Arrrrrghhhhh!

Kenny, I just saw your note about the OnStage Performer. I already have the program purchased over a year ago, but I can’t get it towork on Vista. Do you know if it will work with Windows 7?

Also as they don’t offer any support any more do you have anything similar that I could buy?

I’m not interested in organizing lights. I only want a program to organizeplaying backing tracks in a way similar to Stage Performer.

Your help and advise would be appreciated. I’m not very technical!!!!

Kind regards,


Hi Sean

Windows Vista has been quite problematical with just about every piece of software, not just On Stage Performer so no surprises that you’ve been having trouble getting the software to run on Vista.

The most stable operating system that it worked on was Windows XP.

I do know that it doesn’t work with Windows 7 and my guess was that the makers of the software probably knew this (which would certainly explain why they mysteriously “disappeared” around about the time of the Windows 7 launch).

To be fair, if they felt they weren’t selling enough units to justify spending money re-coding the software to make it work with Windows 7, as a businessman I can understand that.

But my personal feeling is that they could have left their support system running for a while longer or at the very least kept their forum going so that users could continue to talk to each other and help and support each other.

So far two companies have contacted me about products they are developing at the moment, but none have the same facilities or can do the same as On Stage Performer could do (although one company has asked me to give them some input on how I and our customers think their product could be developed so that’s encouraging).

You say you didn’t use the lighting show facility in On Stage Performer. What facilities did you use (perhaps I can see if there’s anything else available that will fit your needs)?

Hi Kenny, Thank you for coming back so soon!!

I use the Stage Performer only to load songs, backing tracks (mp3 and wave) and to organize different sets for different venues, but I like how it works and I was able to set it up my self…..that is saying something!!!

I’m useless when it comes to technical!!!I was also looking at buying a Laptop with Windows 7 Professional. The Geeks in the store told me I would be able to run an XP program on the professional verson of Windows 7.

Very much appreciate your help.

Kind regards.


Hi Sean

Just be careful before you go spending money on a new Windows 7 laptop because obviously I wasn’t there when you went in to the shop so don’t know exactly what you asked the sales assistant nor do I know if the sales assistant fully understood what you were asking him (although perhaps he did understand what you were asking and all is well).

As far as I’m aware, On Stage Performer was never a Windows XP program to begin with. Yes, certainly, Windows XP runs On Stage Performer just fine, but I don’t think it was specifically written for Windows XP, so it can’t be termed a “Windows XP program”.
And that’s where there could be confusion.

The sales assistant maybe thought you were asking him “Can Windows 7 run Windows XP programs?” to which the answer would be “yes”.

But if you had asked him “Can Windows 7 run On Stage Performer?” the answer may be “no”.

To be brutally honest, without actually installing and testing On Stage Performer on a Windows 7 machine I’m not sure how the assistant or anyone else can really say yes or no!

However if he has assured you that On Stage Performer will run on Windows 7 then certainly give it a try (just make sure he’s willing to refund you if you buy a Windows 7 laptop from him and CAN’T get On Stage Performer to work on it though).

Sorry I don’t seem to be being much help here(!) but it’s just that I haven’t personally tried to run On Stage Performer on a Windows 7 machine yet. I do know of two customers of ours who did try to use it on laptops running Windows 7 and they told me the program wouldn’t work, so I’m only repeating their findings here, not my own experiences.

Perhaps those two customers who told me about the Windows 7 issue were using Windows 7 Home and not Windows 7 Professional – maybe that makes a difference, I don’t know.

I’m always keen to hear other peoples experiences so if you do manage to get Windows 7 to run On Stage Performer please let me know the details (e.g. what version of Windows 7 you got and how you got it installed and working etc) and I’ll pass that on to others as I’m sure it’ll be very helpful…