Windows Vista problems

Thanks to Dave for highlighting this issue. He had some problems with Windows Vista in-built unzip program. Ah, thank goodness they don’t produce Vista any more – goodbye and good riddance!

Hi Kenny,

Thank you for responding so fast.

I was able to load all the songs with my MAC, no problem.

I agree about the VISTA, it can be testy.

All is well.

Thank you,


Hi Dave

Yes, even Microsoft themselves now accept that they made a bit of a mistake with Vista. It’s a very slow, resource hungry, cumbersome operating system, and it just doesn’t play well with other software at all.

The new Windows 7 is a much better system – it has all the bells and whistles that they introduced in to Vista but is stable and faster like XP.

Just like you, I bought a laptop with Vista too (albeit a few years ago) and within a few weeks of using it I got so frustrated with Vista I wiped it and put XP on it.

Incredibly, we had a local computer retailer in our area who was advertising Vista PC’s and laptops for sale but with an option to “downgrade” to XP.

That kinda says it all about how good Vista was when PC sellers were offering a DOWNGRADE to encourage customers to buy!