Legalities of posting songs on Youtube

Thanks to Colin for asking about the minefield which is legalities of posting songs on Youtube…

Hey Kenny!

I’m sorry if u’re not a night owl like myself.

Question for u.

Alonging with using ur backingtracks for demo and gigs, can I also place a video on youtube, with ur track w/o any legal troubles?

Hi Colin

You can’t place the backing track itself on Youtube – that would encourage piracy and infringe our copyright.

If we allowed that to happen, people would simply go to Youtube, record the audio from your Youtube video, and they would then have a free backing track rather than buying the track from us.

But if you were SINGING the song along to the backing track and you put that on Youtube, that would be fine.

No-one would then be able to go to Youtube and pirate the backing track because your vocals would be on it so it would be useless to them as a backing track.

However even though we would allow you to make a recording of you singing along to our backing track and post it on Youtube, you would still have to get permission from the songwriter too.

So, if for example, you wanted to post a video of you singing a song which was written by Michael Buble, you would have to get permission from Michael Buble’s publishing company before you could post the video on Youtube.