Yes, we produce custom medleys!

Becky asked if we could produce some custom medleys for her…


I’m interested in having a medley track made for my cabaret.

All the songs I perform are broadway/ musical theatre themed.

Ideally I’d like mainly upbeat numbers from the well known shows in a female key. i.e. any dream will do, master of the house, something from mamma mia and we will rock you.

Any ideas you have would be apriciated, thanks,


Hi Becky

Yes, we can produce that medley for you, without lead vocals and without backing vocals.

There’s no hard and fast rules for creating medleys, you can basically have any songs you want in your medley and have them in any order you want.

However it’s usually a good idea to have the order of the songs in the medley such that slower songs are sung earlier in the medley and the faster songs later in the medley.

This is so that your medley “builds up” in feel as it goes along.

Of course this isn’t an exact science by any means, so it doesn’t have to be like that. Sometimes halfway through a medley you may particularly want to bring the “feel” of the whole medley down by putting in a slower tempo song to give it a dramatic effect.

Regarding pricing, we charge £20 GBPounds per hour for custom backing track work so if, for example, there was 10 hours required to record a medley the cost would be £200 GBPounds.

However that’s just a ball-park figure. It may actually cost less than that if there’s less work involved in producing it or it could cost more – we’d really have to hear the songs first and know how much of each song you want in the medley before we could give you an exact price.

If you are interested in having a medley of songs produced, email me copies of the originals (in mp3 format) and also let me know how much of each song you’d like in the medley (e.g. the intro, verse 1 and chorus of each song or whatever) and I’ll listen to them and then get back to you with a definite quote for producing the full medley.