Backing tracks with different volumes

Thanks to Wayne for asking this question about different backing tracks from different volumes and how it’s a real pain on stage to be constantly changing volumes up and down with every song!


I currently use a mini-disc player for gigs.

I normally buy backing track, balance the sound volume using a package called MP3 Gain and then transfer song onto SONICSTAGE in order to put on my mini-disc.

The sound volume is 89.0kb & I never have to alter the volume of each song.

After reading your webpages im interested in getting an ipod for logistical reasons.

However, im concerned that I will be constantly changing each song volume because, as your aware, different backing tracks have different volumes from whoever you purchase them from.

I would be hughely grateful if you could spread some light on my concerns!

Kind Regards


Hi Wayne,

Yes, backing tracks from different companies usually have different volumes and EQ settings so it is a good idea to level them out so that you don’t have to keep going back and forward to your mixing desk before each song to adjust the levels.

I haven’t personally used the program MP3 Gain but from what I gather, it CAN save the leveling it applies to your songs.

If that’s the case, then you will be able to safely transfer all your mp3’s to your new iPod and get good levels (as long as you have run them all through MP3 Gain and got the levels the way you want them beforehand).

As it happens, it’s not just backing tracks from different companies that have differing levels of volume and EQ.

Even tracks from the same company can have differences because each backing track is, in effect, a different song with different instrumentation and peaks and spikes in the audio.