Choosing a microphone for PC recording

A customer, Liz, downloaded the free recording studio software for her son and asked about microphones for home recording…

Hi Kenny, Jamies mum here, downloaded the software for Jamie not got a clue how to start it all up, could you recomend a good mic for his laptop to record, he’s got the built in one on his computer  i can honestly say i’ve not got a clue how to do everything, i help Jamie a lot with his music going to auditions etc, but when it comes to computers i only know how to e-mail etc. Liz

Hi Liz

There are literally thousands of different types of microphones on the market and all have their pros and cons (and quality).

For the purposes you describe, I would suggest a relatively inexpensive microphone which is available from a company called Blue.

This particular microphone has a USB connection and was designed for musicians on the go so probably ticks all the boxes for someone who wants a good quality microphone to use with their laptop…