Using a mixer for the Bose L1

Hi Kenny,
I am an acoustic solo artist and I just wanted to ask for some advice regarding my Bose L1 Classic (recently purchased -second hand) with 2 bass sub units. How do I tell if it’s definitly the classic system – 750 watts? Looking at the link am I right to assume it is? See the link and my one is the one L1® Classic shipped between 2006 and 2007. I have gigged already twice with it – quite impressed with the dispersion of sound! Also would you advise getting the Tone Match – looks very useful. If so do you know the best place to buy? Sorry for all the questions, yet I ‘d like to thank you for your advice currently on the website – it was really helpful when looking at purchasing this system – I just hope it is the 750 watt NOT the L1 Model 1. I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind Regards,

Hi Joe

Hopefully it’s the 750 watt model you’ve purchased because that extra 250 watts does make a big difference to the loudness (despite what Bose may claim).

Regarding the tone match controller, the tone match module is basically a mixer with a few other bits and bobs which connects to your L1.

I haven’t used a tone match remote unit with a 750w Classic (I don’t even know if the tone match module works on a 750w Classic) so I can’t comment on that.

But I do know that the older 750 watt Bose L1 has many of the tone match presets already on it with the main difference being that you have to select your presets from the controls on the Classics power stand unit rather than from the more convenient little tone match controller unit (I think the tone match has reverb on it too which you don’t get on the Classics power stand mounted controls).

The tone match is basically a little mini mixer for the L1, albeit it was created specially for the L1 so it is superb quality.

If you don’t need a mixer (i.e. the inputs and presets on the L1 power stand are enough for your needs) then don’t waste your money on a mixer or a tone match.

But if you do need reverb and a bit more control over your L1, then by all means buy the tone match.

And if you need a LOT more control over your L1 than the tone match can give you (e.g. multiple inputs and more extensive EQ control) then I suggest you buy a very high quality digital mixer.

But whatever you do, DON’T use a cheap mixer with the L1!

The quality of the Bose L1 is so good and so sensitive that it will show up any artifacts in your sound, so the cheap sound that a cheap mixer puts out may not be so noticable when you use it with a conventional PA system, but it WILL be noticable with the Bose L1.

The great thing about the Bose L1 is that it is superb quality and you can hear everything crystal clear.

The bad news about the Bose L1 is that it is….erm…superb quality and you can hear everything crystal clear!

That means every hissy backing track, every click, every pop, every note you play or every vocal sound you put through an L1 via a cheap mixer or cheap microphone will be audible and frustratingly apparent.

If you use high quality equipment with the L1 you won’t have any problems though.

And after using the L1 for a while, I’m sure you’ll never want to go back to a conventional PA system.

The only musicians and entertainers I’ve met so far who did not like the L1 are those entertainers who bought an L1 and then tried to get it to sound like their old PA system(!)

That’s not what the L1 is all about.

The L1 is not about the audience being thumped in the chest with the sound of big thundering bass.

The L1 is more like a very high qulaity home hi-fi system that you’d have in your living room…but on a much larger scale.


Hi Kenny,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your detailed response – very useful! I do think it’s the 750 watt model.I think you can distinguish the 2 by the orange writing on the newer L1 model 1 and the classic doesn’t have this. I completly agree with your comments – the Bose sound is so clear. I played last night in a venue that was narrow and long + hard surfaces everywhere (you know the score – tough acoustics) and the Bose l1 with 2 subs dealt with it suberbly well. People about 15M away at the back of the room could still hear and were singing along – what an achievement! Equally, people close weren’t blown away by the sound. I think convential PA would have the sound lost at about Half-way… unless it was turned right up!! Interestingly, I decided to buy the Tone Match…(In place of my previous mixer). My word what a mixer to go with the L1 classic! Portable, easy to use, quality of sound absolute and great to have a tuner on board – FINALLY!! (NB: you do need a Bose power supply with the mixer but this in no real problem). Your right about not going back to convential PA, I ve got 2 convential PA speakers at the moment and I am selling one system, and seriously considering selling the other one too. The T1 is amazing in my book – carry on recommending it for solos/duos/trios – it’s the real deal and you can even download different guitar presets – what flexability!! I know it’s expensive – yet if you want a top quality sound…then there has to be some expense, which is worth it!! I think I am converted to this new – improved sound! (People can actually hear me when I talk down the mic between songs). I just can’t wait for my next gig!!! Anyway, thanks again – I ‘ll keep my eyes on your website for any other news and advice.
Keep up the good work!!