Drum backing tracks

Thanks to Brian for this question about drum parts for backing tracks…

just wondered how much the cost would be for drum backing only.  we have found 16 tracks from your catalogue.  ie on Driftaway, is it cheaper to have drums, lead + harmonies or just drum backing?
Kind regards

Hi Brian

A backing track with drums only will cost £20 GBPounds (the same price as it would cost if you have any other instruments taken out or left in).

To edit any of the songs in our catalogue taking out instruments, there is 1 hour of studio time per track required (£20 GBPounds per hour is the studio rate).

The amount of instruments we remove doesn’t affect the price – it’s the time it takes us to do the work that you’re paying for. Once we have the arrangement opened up in the studio it takes pretty much the same time to take out one instrument and remaster the song as it does to take out half a dozen instruments.

The bulk of the one hour of time is opening the master arrangement in the studio, adding a count-in where necessary, re-balancing the remaining instruments, and re-mastering the song after editing with the relevant instruments omitted. Then it needs to be uploaded to the server ready for you to download.

We don’t record backing vocals/group harmonies on any of our tracks so all our tracks come WITHOUT backing vocals.

Hope this information is useful…