Another sound problem with Audacity

Ah, it looks like a few other people are having some issues with sound in Audacity, depending on their particular PC setup.

My guess is Windows 7 may be causing a lot of these issues, but in saying that, I have Audacity working perfectly on a Windows 7 laptop.

So my guess is that the problem is not due to Audacity but rather each individuals particular PC configuration. If you’re one of the people having problems, it’s most probably that you have some other audio program(s) installed on your PC which has “hijacked” your PC’s default settings (and when Audacity installs it will assume that your PC still has all its default sound settings in…

I have been through the tutorial but I can’t seem to find an option for recording a vocal whilst listening to an imported MP3 backing track. I can’t seem to record whilst listening to the backing track only in silence. This is making it very difficult to align tracks correctly and to speed up or slow down my vocal to the track. Any suggestions.
Many thanks

Hi Dean

To hear the backing track playing while you are recording your vocal go to “Edit Preferences” and select the Audio I/O tab (if your microphone is plugged in and configured correctly you won’t have to make any changes under “Recording”).

Check to make sure “Play other tracks while recording new one” and “Do not modify audio device settings” are both selected.

If you put on your headphones and start recording you should hear the mp3 backing track music play…