Getting your band signed to a record label

Dustin from Nebraska in the USA has asked me a question about how to go about getting his band a record deal…

Hi Kenny,
I was just seeing if you had any record labels for unsigned artists because my band is looking for one and we don’t have any good luck. If you can find any in the Nebraska area give me and email back! Thanks.

Hi Dustin

The way it used to work was small local record labels would sign up new, unknown acts and later sell them on to one of the larger labels. 

But nowadays most large record companies get their new acts from the internet (especially MySpace). 

So new acts can now pretty much skip the lengthy process of trying to get a local record label to take them on and, instead, put their music out there on the internet directly in front of the big boys.

Usually the A&R men from the big record companies will try to seek out acts who have more than 1,000 MySpace friends (indicating that the act has achieved a reasonable level of popularity and has a ready-made fan base they can build on).