How to make a backing track medley

A customer contacted me to say she was entering a talent competition and wondered if she could use an audio editing software program to splice two songs together to form a medley (or whether we could do it for her)…

Hi Alice

We personally don’t use audio software to combine songs and would never do this, but it is something you may want to consider if cost is an issue and you decide to make the medley yourself.

Just bear in mind though that although it IS possible to “glue” two audio backing tracks together just as you suggest using a program like Audacity, it’s NOT possible to get good, proper, professional results by doing it that way.

That’s why we, as a backing track company, don’t produce medleys in this way.

A proper professional medley needs to be specially put together using multi-track arrangements of the songs so that the instrumentation in all the songs in the medley remain constant (i.e. the songs in the medley all use the same piano, the same bass guitar, the same drum kit etc for all the songs in the medley).

It should, in effect, sound as if you have a band or an orchestra with you on stage playing the whole medley. 

It shouldn’t sound dis-jointed in any way…and dis-jointed is sadly how it sounds when you just take audio backing tracks of separate songs, all with different sounds, and try to “glue” or “chain” them together using an audio editor.

You mentioned that you’ve reached the final of a singing competition and you’re intending using the medley in the final…

I’d just say to be careful – you could do your chances more harm than good by going out there and using a “patchwork quilt” type backing track made up of songs you’ve just stuck together.

But on the other hand, if you’re not getting paid for singing in this competition perhaps you might be considering whether you can really justify spending money getting a medley produced properly…

It’s a bit of a dilemma!


If you DON’T spend money getting the medley produced properly it could lose you the competition…

But if you DO spend money getting it done properly and then don’t go on to win, you’ve wasted all that money (unless you intend using it again in future competitions or at any gigging work you might get).

Whatever you decide to do, just let me know if I can help in any way, I’m only an email away….