Environmently UN-friendly

Have you ever bought a backing track from a company on the internet and couldn’t download it or unzip it or your PC tells you that the file is corrupt?

It can be very frustrating(!) but it’s surprisingly easy to fix.

So before you send the proverbial insulting email to the company saying things like “I’ve never had problems downloading before…” or “The track won’t play…” etc read on…

You see, your computer works in what’s called an “environment”.

Every computer in the world (yes, I mean EVERY computer in the world) is unique – it works in its own particular “environment” which, in laymans terms, means that your computer, my computer, the next guys computer, will all handle a file in a completely different way.

The way YOUR computer handles a file is entirely dependant on all the OTHER programs your computer has installed…and since every computer has different programs and tools installed, every computer will behave slightly differently.

If you’ve ever sat down and used someone elses computer you’ll know that it just doesn’t behave the same way as yours does.  For example, some people may have Winzip installed while others have Freezip or 7zip. Even Windows XP and Windows 7’s built-in zip programs behave differently to the Windows Vista built-in zip program.

Then there’s firewalls and anti-virus programs – there’s hundreds of different types – they often “jump in” and hijack a file while downloading to scan it and decide what they want to let you do with it.

You may use the Windows firewall while the next guy may have Norton or McAffee or PC Tools or AVG installed on his computer – the list goes on. Different AV and firewall programs will treat your downloaded file in a different way.

Then there’s your browser…

Internet Explorer has a host of plugins that get installed when you run other programs and these can change the way your browser makes a download. Many plugins are installed through automatic updates and you don’t even realise that the configuration of your browser has changed.

Then what happens when you try to actually PLAY your downloaded file?

Well, how your PC plays the file depends on your default mp3 player.

If you have iTunes, you may have to drag it in to the iTunes window before it will play.

If you have Windows Media Player set as your default player you may only need to double-click it and it’ll play.

If you have Real player or Winamp or any of a thousand other mp3 player softwares installed, it may just confuse Windows because it doesn’t know which one to use and cause a conflict which crashes your computer.

All these problems happen because EVERY computer is working in a different “environment”.

The different programs installed on your PC all interact with each other and that’s what makes each and every computer in the world behave differently.

And that’s why sometimes you can buy a backing track and it won’t download, or unzip, or your PC tells you that the file is corrupt…even though everything worked fine before…

Help is at hand though. But be warned, it’s not easy troubleshooting someone elses computer when you don’t have the benefit of being able to sit there right in front of their computer to see how it’s behaving.

But if you let us know as much information about the problem your having, we can usually use our expertise to narrow it down to find what’s making your computer go haywire (firewalls, security settings, browser issues and hardware/software conflicts are the usual culprits when your computer won’t play ball).

So if you have any problems at all downloading and unzipping the backing tracks you purchase from us, don’t send us a cheeky or rude email all accusational in tone – that’ll get you nowhere (in fact we won’t even reply to you). Instead, just let us know what the problem is and at which point in the download or unzipping or playing process the problem is occuring and we’ll help troubleshoot it for you.

Also let us know which operating system you are using (eg WinXP or Vista or Windows7 or Mac OS) and the browser and version you are using (eg Internet Explorer 8 or Safari etc).

Then give us the name of the unzip program you are using (eg Winzip, 7zip or Windows built-in zip program etc) and the name of your anti-virus software and your firewall software.

Finally, let us know if you are using anything else which you suspect could interfere with your download (eg Download Accelerator or CA security software).

The more info we have about your computer and its “environment”, the quicker we can help troubleshoot what part of your system is causing the problem…