Finding your key for a particular song

Thanks to Amy for this question about changing the key of a backing track:

I would like to know the cost to change the key of Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble.  We would need to go higher for a female 2nd soprano voice.

Hi Amy

Generally, female singers have a vocal range that’s 5 semitones higher than a male singer, so from that perspective I would expect a female singer to sing “Haven’t met you yet” in the key of G flat (which is 5 semitones higher than the Michael Buble original key).

However individual singers’ voices always differ. So although the “5 semitones higher” is a good general rule of thumb, it can’t be guaranteed because one female vocalist will sing higher than a normal female singer while another will sing slightly lower (and when it comes to kids the differences are even greater – female children usually have much, much higher voices than female adults).

The best way to find your key is to get a musician friend to work it out exactly for you and then let us know so we can produce your backing track in that key for you.

If you try to guess the key you could be lucky.

But…if you get it wrong it’ll cost you again to have the track re-done in yet another different key so it’s probably worth getting the key right before you make yourorder.

Hope this helps….