Plugging a microphone in to Audacity

I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a silly question – only questions you haven’t heard answered yet…

Thanks to Sophia for this question about Audacity – you are not alone and it’s certainly not a silly question…

Hi Kenny,

Thank you so much for the software, it’s fab. You will probably laugh, but I’m new to all things PC and net!

Where and how do I plug a mic in to use this software?

You see I told you you’d laugh!

I’d appreciate your help. Many thanks,


Hi Sophia

If you’re new to recording software you may first have to take a little time to learn Audacity and it’s functions but once you’ve gone through the initial “learning curve” and got to grips with it, you can launch it and record songs within minutes.

Your mic should be plugged in to the mic-in of your computers soundcard (normally at the back of your PC)…