Audacity made easy…

A lady called Claire asked if there was an easy way to use Audacity…

Hi Kenny
I’ve just downloaded the audacity software and installed it but to be honest even reading the tutorials it doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Is there any simple instrutions how to use it because I would really like to be able to record my own songs without having to go to a recording studio.

Hi Claire

If you want to record your own songs without having to go to a recording studio, Audacity is perect (and is very easy to use).

But like ALL software programs, there is a learning curve you have to go through.

I remember the first time I tried to type out a letter using Microsoft Word – I didn’t know what fonts were or how to left, right, centre justify text or anything and it took me a full day to type out one letter!

But after I’d typed my first letter, the rest were easy after that – Audacity is the exactly the same.

Learn it once, use it easily forever.

You should spend some time going through the instructions (they are well laid out and cover every part of the program) and familiarise yourself with all it’s features.

You’ll be easily creating professional studio quality recordings in no time at all (and once you’ve spent time learning how to create your first recording, all the other recordings you do from then on are simple – you just repeat).

I have compiled a little “quick start” guide to get you going, however, remember that there are no short-cuts when it comes to making professional sounding recordings – if you try to cut corners, the quality of your recordings will suffer and they’ll be far from professional sounding (which defeats the purpose).

The good news though is that thousands of our customers so far have downloaded and are using this software so you can be assured that once you have spent some time and learned how to operate the software, you will be able to “churn out” a new song in minutes – just load in an mp3 backing track, plug in the mic and hit record.

If you don’t really want to spend time learning the software, you could always consider using the Windows recorder (which you will already have in your PC). It’s more of a point and click type of recorder which doesn’t take any learning.

Of course, the quality of your recordings won’t be anything near like the quality of the recordings you’ll get from Audacity, but as long as you’re not looking for profesional quality recordings (ie just recordings for demos etc) if you use the Windows recorder you can play an mp3 while singing through a mic plugged in to your mic input on your soundcard and it will record it all for you at the touch of a button (you’ll find it on WinXP PC’s at start/all programs/accessories/entertainment/sound recorder).

I suppose the best way to consider Audacity versus the Windows recorder would be like making a pizza – you can make a pizza by buying a frozen pizza and popping it in your oven…or you could buy one from proper pizza restaurant.

The one from the pizza restraunt will always taste better because the base will have been hand made by the chef, the ingredients fresh, and a proper pizza oven used to cook it.

The first time the chef made a pizza, it probably took him a while to learn how to do it and get it right, but now that he’s learned how to do it, he can churn out pizza after pizza in minutes.

It’s kinda the same with using Audacity….