What do you do when your band splits up?

The worst part about playing in a band is knowing what you, as an artiste, can do when the band splits up?

Can a drummer or a bass guitar player really go out and perform as a solo artist?

The answer is a resounding yes…if you have the right backing tracks.

Dear Kenny,
I play solo bass guitar (with backing tracks). What type of venues would  this type of act work? Whats the best way to market to book gigs?

Hi James

If your act consists of you being a bass player who sings and plays live bass guitar on top of backing tracks, then you will be able to get the exact same type of work that a normal guitar/vocalist out there get.

All you need is some custom backing tracks which have been specially produced for you with the bass guitar part┬átaken out of them so you can play bass “live” on top of the backing track. We can create these types of tracks for you.

The best way to get gigs if your act is not yet established in your area is to visit all your local live music venues and give them a demo CD and ask them to book you – some may even book you without listening to the CD…

If you look and sound presentable and professional then when you speak to the venue booker there’s every chance he’ll give you a gig there and then.

A quicker way to get gigs is to ask one of your local entertainment agencies to get you work.

Although this is a much easier option (you just sit at home and let the agent do all the running around to get you gigs), remember that you’ll have to pay the agent a commission for every gig he gets you so there could be less money for you this way.

You should also promote yourself through a personal website.