Solo male singer needs female vocalist

Here’s another question about adding backing vocals on backing tracks. Be careful if you decide to do this because audiences often think you’re miming if they look up at you on stage and see one person singing but hear multiple voices coming out of your speakers!

i’m looking for a powerful meatloaf track for couldn’t have said it better with female lead vocals on, i actually have a great track with no vocals on i could send if that is easier but i need lead female vocals in the style of patti russo on it thanks


Hi Andy

Unfortunately we don’t record lead vocals or backing vocals on any of our tracks.

If you already have a backing track of this song, It may be an idea to find a girl singer who can sing the female part for you and get her to put the vocal on for you which you can do at home on your own PC with some free recording studio software see:

Audacity timing out of sync

Ah yes, a common thread when it comes to using Audacity is this question!

Hi Kenny – how are ya?

Listen, I`ve got a question – maybe you can help me?  When I use a recording program (any software) here`s what I`ll do:

1.I play a backing track/ karaoke song.

2.Record my singing using a new track.

3.Then when I want to mix the final song the singing and music track are not in the same tempo – the singing seems to `run too fast `for the karaoke-track.

Therefore the singing runs out way before the music stops!!??

I don`t know if you know what I mean, but I sure hope you can help me!

Thanks a lot Kenny!


The timing lag you are experiencing is commonly known as “latency” and can be a problem in most audio recording software programs, not just Audacity.

Firstly, the latency problem is unlikely to be the program itself but rather a problem with the way your PC is running the program.

Finding the cause of latency can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack but there are a couple of usual culprits which you should check on first.

1. Make sure you have plenty of RAM and as few other programs running on your PC at the same time you are recording – if your PC is running slow, it will affect the timing.

2. Adjusting the latency correction in Audacity may solve the problem. You’ll find it near the bottom at Edit Preferences Audio I/O

3. Check both tracks have the same sample rate (find it at Edit Preferences Quality tab).

4. Change the default sample rate to 48000 – this would appear to be a sample rate that works better than any other rate (although it does depend on your PC configuration and soundcard so don’t be scared to experiment with other sample rates – the main thing as that you keep all tracks the SAME sample rate). Also make sure the high quality sample converter is also on high quality sync.

5. To improve sync, in Preferences Audio I/O make sure you have “Play other tracks while recording new one“ selected.

Audacity tries to correct any delay between playback and recording automatically but this doesn’t yet work on all computers.

Also if it is a single global timing problem you are experiencing (i.e. the timing is out by the exact same amount throughout the whole track) then you can zoom in and use the Time Shift tool to drag it to the correct location.

The best way to get a record deal

Jonathan contacted me to ask how to go about getting a record deal…

Do you know any recording labels that I can sign for because I want to sing for people and try to make a little bit of money


Hi Jonathan

Record labels are not as powerful as they used to be a few years ago.

Most new acts break in to the music business through social networking sites like MySpace.

It’s common knowledge that the A&R men from the biggest labels keep their eye on MySpace and when they see an band or a solo act with more than 1,000 “friends” then they will often make a move on that act and sign them up.

It may be an idea to take a look at the eBook I wrote about using MySpace to further your act: