New audio equipment for the iPod

Alesis have released some exciting new audio equipment for use with backing tracks on the iPod.

I’ve personally used many Alesis products over the years (in particular I had a drum machine and a little microverb digital reverb unit which I gigged to death, yet they just kept working without a single problem for over 20 years) so I know that they make good quality stuff which is built to last.

First on their list is the new Alesis MultiPort.

It’s a standalone recorder for the iPod with built-in level meters, headphone monitoring, integrated iPod controls, balanced inputs, standard 1/4” jack stereo outputs, and phantom power.

One of it’s best tricks is ts that it can play a backing track from the iPod while recording!

It works with the iPod classic, fifth-generation iPods, and 2nd and 3rd generation nanos.

Next up is the Alesis TransActive Mobile – a small self contained speaker/mixer/amplifier which will suit practicing at home or at very small gigs.

This could be perfect when you need to perform a gig in really small venues where there’s not enough room for your full PA. 

It boasts a rechargeable 12-hour battery, high-efficiency amp, and four inputs for connecting microphones or any other instruments.

And finally, the Alesis iMultiMix 16 USB mixer/recorder is perfect for recording at home or using live onstage.

It boasts 100 digital effects, a built–in limiter, an iPod dock with control wheel and transport controls for direct–to–iPod recording.

It also has iPod playback with mixing capability, 4 mic/line preamps, 2 guitar mic/line inputs, high quality recording to computer, phantom power, auxiliary sends and returns, comprehensive EQ.

It also comes with Steinberg Cubase LE 4 recording software.