Convert CD to mp3

Here at MP3 Backing Trax, I get emails every day from customers asking us to produce backing tracks of songs they can’t find off-the-shelf anywhere else. Before we can quote a price for producing a backing track of their special song, we need to listen to the original version of the song and calculate how much work and time will be involved in producing it, so will ask the customer to send us the song (in mp3 format).

Many will have the song on a CD and make the mistake of thinking that all they need to do to send us a copy of the song is to put the CD in to their computers CD tray and “drag” the tracks on to their desktop. Within a few seconds, all the tracks on the CD are now sitting on their desktop and they attach the one they want us to listen to in an email and send it…

Find out why this DOESN’T work, and how you go about properly converting a CD to mp3…

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Are record labels on their way out?

Every month, more and more artists are ditching their record labels. The latest artists to ‘go it alone’ are Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Paul McCartney.

So, if you want to make it as an artist in todays music business, do you really need the backing of a major label to make it big?

My CLICK HERE“>article at MP3 Backing Trax looks at the demise of the record label, why it’s happening, and muses over what the future could bring for todays new, up-and-coming acts.

You might just be able to make the big time now without a major record label behind you. The days of “signing your life away” to the men in suits could soon be a thing of the past, and worldwide success in the music business could be achieved just as effectively by simply sitting in front of your PC…

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Updated link for BBC show

Just in case you’re having trouble accessing the link I gave you earlier about the new BBC talent show, here’s a better link which takes you directly to the BBC’s website where you can get more information and download the audition form for this new primetime talent show (where the winner will get a three-month performing contract with Legends in Concert in Las Vegas):

BBC1 seeks tribute acts for new primetime show

Do you perform a tribute act or has anyone ever told you that when you sing you sound like someone famous?

The BBC in the UK are holding auditions all this month around the country inviting singers to audition for a primetime BBC1 talent show.

The winner will get a three-month performing contract with Legends in Concert in Las Vegas.

If you’re interested, get details of how to audition at The Stage Website