The importance of good website design

How to use your website to get agents and bookers falling over themselves to book your act!

Have you noticed that all the worlds biggest entertainers have websites to promote themselves? That’s because websites work! If you are an entertainer, no matter whether you just work locally at a semi-professional level or you are a worldwide pro, you must have a website if you want to effectively promote your act.

A website is the single most cost-effective way to promote yourself. Overall, the publicity a website can bring you makes it cheaper than mail-shots, printing up flyers, sending out brochures, or any other form of marketing you can think of. Just set up a website one time, and it can generate you work for years and years to come as visitors and fans as well as bookers and agents come back to the website time and time again to find you, get more news about you, and offer you more work.

However, if your website is to be successful in prompting all those visiting agents and promoters in to booking you, then you need to put your website to work for you…CLICK HERE“>more

Licencing the music you put on your website

Do you want to avoid being caught out? Then don’t wait until a big bill for ┬ároyalties pops through your letterbox…Get the licencing right before you start to put music on your website!

First of all, let me ask you a question. Would you ever book an artist to play in your theatre, club venue, at your wedding or corporate night out without having heard them?

No, me neither. So this is why it is important that you promote your act by putting audio samples of you singing on your website.

In other articles I go through the various methods of actually producing the audio clips of you singing and how to embed them in to your webpages, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll assume that you already have a few audio clips ready-made, and have produced a web page ready to upload to your website where visitors will go to download/play these audio clips.

So, all you need now is a proper licence to allow your visitors to play those clips when they visit your website…CLICK HERE“>more

Converting mp3 to midi

With the right software, Midifile backing tracks can be converted to mp3, but unfortunately mp3 backing tracks cannot be converted to midifile.

Midifiles need individual instrument data for each sound (drums, bass, piano, brass, strings etc), but you can’t extract this individual instrument data from an mp3 file. This is because an mp3 file is a stereo recording which has had all the individual instruments in the song mixed together so they can’t be seperated in to individual sounds.

To best explain this, we should first look at the fundamental difference between a midifile and an mp3 file.

A midifile is multi-track arrangement whereas an mp3 file is a two track arrangement (ie stereo). A typical midifile may consist of up to 16 instruments (eg drums, bass, guitar, brass, strings, piano etc) each on their own individual midi channel. Although an mp3 file can consist of exactly the same number of instruments, the fundamental difference is that in an mp3 file these instrumets are all mixed together on two channels (stereo – left and right).

Imagine you are baking a cake…you have all the ingredients to hand (flour, eggs, water, sugar etc). You can deal with each ingredient seperately and decide how much or how little of each ingredient you want to use. But once it’s all mixed together in the bowl, you can’t go back and take the eggs out of the mixture! So, in this sense, the midifile is like the individual ingredients, and the MP3 file is the mixture in the bowl. CLICK HERE“>more

How to get a recording deal

TV programs like American Idol, Pop Idol and Fame Academy have all proved two things – there’s a lot of talent out there, and anyone is capable of making the big-time.

So, if you are as ambitious as you are talented (and why shouldn’t you be), then you won’t be satisfied with earning a few measley pennies singing around local venues for the rest of your life. No, what you really want is the ultimate prize in the music business – a recording deal with one of the major recording companies (and the fame and millions that comes with it)! So, how do you get started? Well here’s how…

The first thing you need to do is have recordings of yourself singing. I know this sounds obvious, but it’s a waste of time telling people how good you are – either they won’t believe you or they’ll just think you’re being egotistical.

So record yourself and let them HEAR you sing. My article on “CLICK HERE“>Recording an album on a tight budget” will help you make an album without incurring the large costs usually involved in using recording studios. Don’t forget that when you’ve made your recordings, always carry them around with you at all times (an iPod is ideal to do this) so you will be in a position to offer to let anyone hear you, at any time. This is very important because the music business has millions of hopefuls out there trying to do make the big-time just like you, (and the ones who make it through are simply the ones who are in the right place at the right time) so get the edge by always being prepared.

So, you’ve got your recordings in your pocket and you’re keeping a constant lookout for opportunities..what next?

Well, it’s time to promote yourself now and here’s how to do it…CLICK HERE“>more