Recording iPod to MiniDisc

If you use your iPod to play your backing tracks at gigs, you’ll know how fantastic it is. Although the iPod is, without doubt, the most reliable playback format I have ever used in all my years of performing and it’s unlikely that you will have any problems with it failing mid-way through a gig, an iPod, just like any piece of electronic equipment, could let you down. So, it makes sense to have some sort of backup “just in case”.

Because most singers migrated from MiniDisc to iPod, they will usually have an old MiniDisc player lying around unused somewhere (ideally a little portable walkman sized MiniDisc player is best), so it’s a good idea to backup all your iPod backing tracks by recording them on to MiniDisc and keep them tucked away in your cable bag or glove compartment so you can call on them at a gig if you need them.

Some of you will probably be saying “Well, I already have all my songs on MiniDisc because I was using MiniDisc before I started using the iPod…”. This may be true, but how many new backing tracks have you added to your repertoire since moving to the iPod? I bet you haven’t got those songs backed up on MiniDisc! If you’re like me, you’ve probably got all the original backing tracks safely tucked away on your PC (probably in iTunes), and have transferred them to your iPod so are quite happy in the knowledge that you have a backup of your backing tracks? Not so!

The backing tracks on your PC are no use to you whatsoever when you’re half way through a gig and your iPod battery gives out, or it freezes, or someone spills a drink over it, or you drop it and it stops working! If you have no backup at the venue, onstage with you then the gig has to stop – and that’s not good! Wouldn’t it make more sense to be able to nip out to the car or delve in to your cable box and produce a little minidisc player which will get you through the rest of the gig? Yip, thought so! OK, here’s how to do it…

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Using the Bose L1 speaker

As you know, I recently purchased the Bose L1 radiator speaker system to use with my backing tracks and I have to tell you that it is AMAZING! Never before have I heard anything like it – the way it disperses the sound to every part of the room has to be heard to be believed.

I bought the system a couple of weeks ago and have used it at 6 gigs so far and the quality of sound at every gig is breath-taking (and for portability it’s just phenomenal).

I’ll be writing a full review shortly, but in the meantime, if you are a solo singer who uses backing tracks and want a PA system that gives astounding sound quality, punchy performance (and portability so good that you can set it up and break ity down in a few minutes), then you really should check out this fantastic piece of kit.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it’ll fit in to the trunk of your car no problem. Since buying the Bose system, I’ve now decided to get rid of my Ford Transit van so I’m travelling light to gigs from now on)!

If you regularly play small/medium venues, then this is the speaker system for you. It’s small and compact for carrying from gig to gig – the 7 foot “pole” part of the system breaks in to two parts, each 3.5 feet. The rounded piece you see at the bottom of the picture is where the power amps are (and it doubles as a steady base for the speakers “pole”).

So, just imagine for a few seconds…’ve just pulled up outside the venue for tonights gig (in your car, not a large van!) and you’re carrying the Bose system in each hand while you have an iPod (with all your backing tracks) and your microphone in your pocket…

Five minutes after walking in to the venue, you’re set up on stage and ready to sing your first song.

Is it really that easy?

Yip, I did exactly that last night!