Backing Track playback – stereo or mono?

A common question I am often asked by singers who are out there singing in live music venues at night is “When performing, is it best to use my backing tracks in stereo or mono?” The question arises because many singers have found that at particular venues, their backing tracks have sounded woolly, bassy or tinny etc, yet the night before, the same backing tracks, same sound system (and same singer) sounded totally different. So, why is this, and what can be done about it?

There are a couple of reasons why this happens and you’ll be pleased to know that these problems can be easily rectified. Many venues have strange shaped rooms which cause serious problems for sound (especially L-shaped rooms). Even in what you would call a “good shape room”, it’s a problem if the audience at one side of the room are only hearing the left side of the backing track while the audience sitting at another part of the room are only hearing the right hand side of the backing track! My article on whether to use CLICK HERE“>stereo or mono for backing track playback looks at the all the arguments and will help you make an informed decision and decide whether stereo or mono is right for you.