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iPod tips and tricks

18th May 2006 admin 0

When using an iPod to play backing tracks, it’s not as simple as just loading songs on the machine and pressing play. This is because, […]

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Backing tracks on the iPod

17th May 2006 admin 0

When MP3 was first invented, it didn’t take singers long to realise that they could buy backing tracks online and download them to their computer. […]

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MP3 bit rates explained

16th May 2006 admin 0

If you have used mp3 for a while you will probably be aware that there are different bit-rates available for encoding an audio file to […]

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Choosing an mp3 player

14th May 2006 admin 0

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing an mp3 player. These factors become much more important when you are choosing an mp3 […]

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Editing backing tracks

11th May 2006 admin 0

The backing track subject that is the least understood by singers is editing backing tracks. Even singers with years of experience using backing tracks are […]

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Using a laptop on stage

9th May 2006 admin 0

By now, most professional singers have realised the advantages of using mp3 format to play their backing tracks on stage instead of the old DAT […]

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Convert Minidisc to MP3

6th May 2006 admin 0

First thing we need to establish is that there’s no “quick” way to convert backing tracks on a minidisc to mp3 format. The process required […]

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Finding your key

5th May 2006 admin 0

As you probably know already, at MP3 Backing Trax we can produce custom backing tracks for customers – made to measure backing tracks individually tailored and […]