Smokey Blues Review (Blues Band From Sidney Ausytralia)

If you’re looking for a great nights entertainment, look no further than Smokey Blues Review, the latest band to take out a free listing on the MP3 Backing Trax YourSpace section.

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Davaris (Guitar Vocalist)

Welcome to Davaris, male guitar vocalist from Northamptonshire – the latest artist to take out a free listing at the MP3 Backing Trax YourSpace section.

Davaris was bass player with the group Coverup until they split and is now a solo act. Not afraid of hard work, Davaris performs three 40 minute sets!

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Pat Martin (Comedy Vocalist)

A warm welcome to Pat Martin, comedy vocalist from lincolnshire and the latest artists to create himself a free listing in the YourSpace section of our website.

Pat has gained an incredible wealth of experience working in bands, duos, tributes etc over the years and has now honed his skills as a comedian/vocalist.

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The Man In Black (Johnny Cash tribute)

Welcome to The Man In Black – a Johnny Cash tribute, the latest entertainer to create a free web page at our YourSpace section:

With over 35years of experience in the entertainment industry  Steve Darren is of the top acts in his field. Being one of the most vocally versatile entertainers around, he has a wealth of experience with live audiences and has travelled the British Isles, Europe  and America to perform for thousands of people.

Find out more about this great act HERE

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Delonzo Gee (Male Vocalist)

A warm welcome to Delonzo Gee – a male vocalist from Bristol, the latest singer to create a free webpage at our YourSpace section.

Delonzo Gee has been involved in the music industry since being a teenager-writing and recording. After taking a break from the music scene to raise a family, Delonzo has been working with several reggae and soul bands and performing widely.

To find out more about Delonzo Gee, check out his web page HERE

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Scandal Duo (Costa Blanca)

A warm welcome to Scandal duo, the latest band to build themselves a free web page and get listed on the MP3 Backing Trax YourSpace section.

Originally from Yorkshire, this great duo are now working down in the Spanish Costas playing every type of music genre imaginable.

Take a look at their website HERE

BBC presenters warm up their vocal chords

The fun continues, and all for a good cause. 

Here’s a quick peek at some pics of the BBC presenters being put through their paces by Robert, our resident singing expert. 

It’s really coming together and it’s now starting to look like the bones of a real choir are really coming together.

On Wednesday, each of the presenters were given a copy of the MP3 Backing Track I produced so that they can practice at home.

Robert reports that some presenters are doing better than others though…perhaps they need to download a copy of the singing tutor and get to work!

BBC Radio Children In Need And MP3 Backing Trax Update

As you know, Robert, our resident singing expert has been putting the BBC radio presenters through their paces, teaching them to sing…all in the name of charity (BBC’s Children In Need).

Today on the Fred McCauley show we let the secret out. The tune Robert is teaching the BBC presenters to sing is……taaraaaa…..drum roll….”Lean on me” by Bill Withers.

Yesterday, with only a week to go, I prepared a special backing track arrangement of “Lean On Me”. I created it in a female key because Robert reckons that the two strongest singers out of the group are two of the girls so he’s planning to have them up front singing the “solo” singing parts. 

It’s proving to be GREAT fun – everyone’s loving it! And, let me also say right now that there’s no truth in the nasty rumour going round the BBC that Robert will be putting the good singers to the front and the “donkeys” to the back – no, it’ll be the tallest presenters to the back…unless you sing like a donkey that is. Woops!

So, would you like to hear how Roberts victims, oops I mean pupils, are doing so far?

Have a listen and see for yourself.

Just remember, don’t be too judgemental on these poor BBC presenters – this is just a bit of fun for Children In Need, they are NOT professional singers (ahem, as you’re about to hear)!

Tune in to the Fred McCauley show every day on Radio Scotland at: